Welcome to my website. Here you’ll find links to my writing, poetry, photography, music and all manner of other other things which currently take my fancy.

I hope you discover something here to enlighten, titillate, amuse, or even annoy you. Please use the Contact tab if you’d like to make a comment. I’ll respond to all who take the trouble to visit here and leave me feedback.

Thank you for your visit and I hope you unearth a gem or two, to brighten your day. James.

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Latest News

Currently, I’ve been busy collating a selection of my poetry in preparation for publication.  The collection is entitled, ‘We Cast Pale Shadows’ and is now available as a paperback and as an eBook . The book has now been printed and is in stock at Matador Publishers, Amazon and most bookshops. You can discover more by clicking on this link to the book:


Here is the artwork for the front cover of my new poetry collection. It is now available as a paperback to buy from Matador Publishers, Amazon, all UK bookshops and on-line.

Within the pages of this new poetry collection readers will discover poems which were created to engage, move, provoke, inspire and entertain

‘We Cast Pale Shadows’ introduces a new and innovative voice to contemporary English poetry.

Come and discover, or rediscover the inspiration and solace to be had from reading poetry.

My new novel ‘The incredible Layla Moon’ has been temporarily parked for a major re-write. A progress update will follow in due course.

I continue to post opinion pieces to my blog ‘Irascible Insights’ here: http://bit.ly/2KJW2u5

I also post selected poems to my poetry blog The Sanctum of Sanity here: http://bit.ly/2E1mqMX

Please click on the links to discover more.

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” We cannot ensure the security, freedom and liberty of the people, by extinguishing the very principles which guarantee their existence.” James Rainsford.

“I finally gave up prayer at fourteen, when God failed to persuade Miss Christine Pope – my stunningly beautiful History teacher – to steal my virginity; despite my earnest promises to still respect her afterwards.” James Rainsford.

” We’re all on earth to help ‘others.’ It’s what the ‘others’ are here for which perplexes me.” James Rainsford.

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